Toys for Grownups: Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity (CAH) is a party game created for adults to enjoy during parties. It was created and designed by Max Temkin and several of his friends. After many fun rounds of playing the game, Temkin officially released it in May 2011. The game involves using words or phrases printed on playing cards that are typically perceived as offensive, to answer questions. The game requires at least four players, and has no maximum limit to the number of players that can participate. Players must be of legal age to play.A month after its official release, CAH took the top position as the number one game on CAH continued to gain popularity, as more people began to accept the concept behind the game that allows for uncensored expression of feelings, and how it relates to natural behaviour. CAH is not for those who are easily offended or emotionally sensitive, as it contains a lot of vulgar expressions that might upset some in this category. This is why the creators dubbed it “a game for horrible people”.

How to Play Cards Against Humanity

The game involves the use of black and white cards. The black cards have questions printed on them, while the white cards contain weird statements or responses. To begin, every player receives ten white cards and the remaining unshared cards are placed face down. The first player picks a black card from the top of the card pile and reads the question out loud. This player is called “Card Czar”. After a round, the next “Card Czar” is the one seated to the left of the previous “Card Czar”.After the “Card Czar” picks a black card, the other players pick out a white card from their hand that has the best response to the question. Cards get submitted to the “Card Czar”. The idea is for the “Card Czar” to pick the response (white card) he loves the most and the one who owns the picked white card gets a point. The “Card Czar” needs to shuffle the submitted white cards so that he doesn’t know which card belongs to which player. He picks his favourite card, and a point goes to the card’s owner.