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Trying Live Dealer Poker: How Does It Work and Why Should You Play It?

Live dealer poker can be very exciting. It combines the thrill of a traditional brick-and-mortar casino with that of an online gambling site. Many variations of poker can be played in live dealer casinos, including Texas Hold’em, Three Card Poker, and Hi-Lo. But how do these games work? The games are played over a video conferencing service, much like FaceTime or Skype. The dealers are stationed in poker rooms that may or may not have other poker tables. Usually, the software providers limit the rooms to one table to minimise distraction. The dealer will be holding a real deck or shoe and will serve out actual cards, just like in a traditional casino.

Why Should You Play Live Dealer Poker instead of Regular Online Poker?

Many people go to traditional casinos for the social experience. Being in the company of other people can make the games more exciting. This experience can be replicated in a live dealer casino, and you will not even have to leave your house. In live dealer poker games, players are allowed to talk to the dealers directly. On the other hand, in regular online poker, you are just able to chat with other players since the software works as the dealer. Conversations with other players are only possible through text. Live dealer poker and regular online poker are both very fair. However, people find it easier to trust a human being with actual cards. It is much harder to rig such a game since all the action unfolds in front of you. To show that the games are not pre-recorded, the casinos usually have a clock in the background showing the current time.


Online casinos have advanced significantly over the years. Live dealer games were recently introduced to these gambling sites, and they have quickly grown in popularity.

Trying Out Your Online Poker luck

Poker is a popular game among gamblers. You can play the game on online and live dealer casinos, and these options will allow you to enjoy the game without stepping out of your house.

Poker Variations Available in Online Casinos

There are many different types of poker available in online and live dealer casinos. The online poker games are run by machines, and the games are checked regularly for fairness. The live dealer poker games are available in online casinos, but they involve actual human dealers. These games are played over video conferencing services. It is important to learn the rules and some of the common strategies before staking your money on these games. Here are some of the popular poker variations in online casinos:

Texas Hold’em

This is the most famous poker game. The dealer will start by giving each player two hole cards, and this is followed by a betting round. The dealer will then give each player five face-up cards in three rounds. Five out of the seven cards will be shown after the showdown round, and the player with the best hand wins. It is easy to learn this game, but mastering it will require many hours of practice.

Pot-Limit Omaha Poker

In pot-limit Omaha, the maximum you can bet and raise is what is already in the pot. Players get four face-down cards and five community cards. You have to strictly use two face-down cards and three community cards to come up with your best five-card hand. This type of poker typically involves a lot of bluffing.

Seven-Card Stud

This is one of the slower poker games. It is quite different from Omaha and Texas Hold’em, and this is why many players find it complicated. In this game, each player will get two face-down cards and one face-up card. This will be followed by a betting round. Players will then receive three face-up cards in three betting rounds. A final face-down card is dealt at Seventh Street, after which players have to show their best five-card hand.

Choose an Online Casino Instead of a Land-Based One

Back in the day, gambling was more than a quick way to make some cash. It meant getting dressed up, with the main attraction being socializing and making new friends. But with modern technology, playing at the casinos has significantly evolved over the years. Choosing between land-based and online casinos isn’t that simple as there are definitely pros and cons to both. However, the emergence of online casinos was an instant hit as they addressed the disadvantages of their land-based counterparts. Here’s why online casinos are better than land-based casinos:

Convenience and Accessibility

The main attraction of online casinos is that you can literally play from anywhere, anytime. Online games can be accessed using any device, including desktop, mobile phones, and tablets. What’s more, thanks to modern technology and excellent software, the days of suffering from basic gameplay and games taking forever to load are long gone. Basically, the casino is always right there with you.


Not everyone is comfortable with the buzzing environment in land-based casinos. Others find it difficult to concentrate while other players are simply not the sociable type. Online casinos are ideal for those who value their privacy and anonymity or are comfortable spinning the reels of their favourite slots on their own. Plus, there’s no one looking at how much you stake.

Low Cost

Finances are a huge part of gambling. A trip to a land-based casino will lead to you enjoying the social aspect it brings, which means factoring in extra expenses like food, drinks, travel costs, and possibly accommodation. Why not save all that; and still enjoy your favourite casino game at the comfort of your home.

Wide Variety of Games

Most land-based casinos offer games from one or two developers. On the other hand, online casinos have hundreds of options, covering the entire gambling sector. Featuring every theme, payline structure, progressive and non-progressive jackpot slots, variant, and even special features, online casinos offer an unrivalled selection of games. Then, there’s the variations of each game. You’ll always find the traditional games like blackjack and roulette in land-based casinos, but online options offer a unique way to play them.

Why Is Online Poker So Much Fun? How to Get Started

Online poker is a very convenient way not only to boost your bankroll but also to practice and improve your gambling skills in the comfort of your home. You can easily study different player styles and apply strategies you’ve learned while playing or by watching free tutorials. Whether you’re an amateur player or a pro, playing online poker is a great way to earn big wins and improve your style of gambling. Also, to feel the thrill of the game players can enter different tournaments and championships where tens or hundreds of players are all fighting for the big win.

How to Get Started?

The online gaming environment offers multiple options and perks when it comes to poker games. You can choose between virtual and live dealer poker rooms offered by popular online casinos. However, before choosing to play poker at a specific online casino, you should research the RTP rates, what bonuses are available and other players’ reviews. Choose an online casino which provides increased fairness and security levels which will guarantee a flawless gambling experience. Once you’ve chosen the casino, you should create an account and enter the casino’s lobby. Popular casinos offer a wide variety of poker games in both virtual and live dealer sections. You can play standard poker, Omaha, Texas Hold’em, Stud Poker and Draw Poker which in turn come in different variants such as hi/lo or no limit. Although they’re different variations of poker, these games are all based on hand ranking. Each type of poker games comes with its own set of rules which sometimes can overwhelm beginners. Amateur players can start by playing poker games in demo version to get a feel of the strategies and play techniques involved. Online casinos also offer resources about betting techniques and probability calculations which are very useful in poker. By understanding the different types of odds involved in the game and identifying your opponents’ style of gambling, you gain an advantage and have better chances of winning big.

Wrapping It Up

Poker is not only a strategic game, but it’s also fun. The adrenaline rush which you feel when you’re in a tournament and getting closer to the big prize comes second to none. When you’re up for the challenge, just visit your favourite online casino and enjoy a thrilling game of poker.

Toys for Grownups: Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity (CAH) is a party game created for adults to enjoy during parties. It was created and designed by Max Temkin and several of his friends. After many fun rounds of playing the game, Temkin officially released it in May 2011. The game involves using words or phrases printed on playing cards that are typically perceived as offensive, to answer questions. The game requires at least four players, and has no maximum limit to the number of players that can participate. Players must be of legal age to play.A month after its official release, CAH took the top position as the number one game on CAH continued to gain popularity, as more people began to accept the concept behind the game that allows for uncensored expression of feelings, and how it relates to natural behaviour. CAH is not for those who are easily offended or emotionally sensitive, as it contains a lot of vulgar expressions that might upset some in this category. This is why the creators dubbed it “a game for horrible people”.

How to Play Cards Against Humanity

The game involves the use of black and white cards. The black cards have questions printed on them, while the white cards contain weird statements or responses. To begin, every player receives ten white cards and the remaining unshared cards are placed face down. The first player picks a black card from the top of the card pile and reads the question out loud. This player is called “Card Czar”. After a round, the next “Card Czar” is the one seated to the left of the previous “Card Czar”.After the “Card Czar” picks a black card, the other players pick out a white card from their hand that has the best response to the question. Cards get submitted to the “Card Czar”. The idea is for the “Card Czar” to pick the response (white card) he loves the most and the one who owns the picked white card gets a point. The “Card Czar” needs to shuffle the submitted white cards so that he doesn’t know which card belongs to which player. He picks his favourite card, and a point goes to the card’s owner.